The San Marino Speed Demon

There are few types of athletes that have less of a “Fear of Falling” (see what I did there?) than alpine skiers. They are a special breed, competing on that ragged edge between life and death, putting their minds and bodies on the line as they zip down the slopes at speeds most humans do not have the ability or courage to travel at. Alongside sliding athletes (Bobsled, Luge, Skeleton) and race car drivers, alpine skiers have this ability to understand speed, understand the risks, and then want to do it over and over again. It takes a special kind of person to absorb all of this, and an especially special person to be able to want to come back to it after sustaining a serious injury.

This is what Lorenzo Bizzocchi is working through right now. A 24-year old alpine-skiing athlete from the small nation of San Marino, he has spent this season nursing and fighting off the effects of an ACL injury. For many athletes, such an injury would mean an immediate stop to training and competition. But in his case, it has spurred him on to continue pushing himself, and if nothing, has even given him more drive and determination than he had before.

Coming from a nation where skiing is seen as a hobby and pastime, Lorenzo’s first love was Football. He competed in this sport until he was 19 years old, with skiing being his winter hobby. But the desire to see how far he could push himself as an athlete drove him towards competitive skiing, where there was no team around him, just him and the mountain. His passion for improving and getting better grew as he continued on, and his goal of getting better and better continues to this day, with 3 years and around 50 starts (including one World Championships) on the FIS circuit under his belt.

But, as many top level athletes know, such dedication and drive for your craft involves funding, which is why Lorenzo, like so many other athletes, has turned to crowdfunding sites like MAKEACHAMP to raise funds to continue his development and growth. He has coupled internet fundraising with jobs over the off-season to raise the funds to continue doing what he loves, but it also creates a difficult situation for him. In that in a period of time where an athlete would be recuperating and also preparing for the next season, he is combining work, training, and rest all at the same time. It is not exactly the most opportune combination, but Lorenzo stays motivated and driven throughout it all, determined that his time will come where skiing will be his entire life, all 12 months of the year.

And now, even with knee surgery looming, he is positive for what will come ahead. He plans to continue his career, pushing to qualify for future World Championships and Olympic Games. He wants to continue representing his country in the best way possible as an athlete and a person, thus bringing exposure and creating interest in San Marino and what it has to offer. He is studying in university for a career in Sports Science so that when his time is up, he can help train and mold the next generation of Sanmarinese athletes.

But most of all, he continues to drive towards success; where he can continue to push himself beyond what he believed was his perceived limits, to spur on improvement and personal growth. Because in his eyes, failure is when you don’t give all of yourself to achieve a goal. But we know that injury or not, surgery or not, Lorenzo Bizzocchi will keep fighting.

And we can’t wait to see what he will do next.

Writer’s Note: Lorenzo wants to thank Social Più for all of their support thus far, and to all of his contributors and followers on social media for their support and love.


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