NO FEAR OF FALLING is a media platform (Podcasting, Internet Radio, and Video) that was created by Adam Yurko, the founder of YURKO Industries.

This blog and accompanying media platform was created to do something that I always wanted to do. I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing men and women who are actively out there in the world, trying to change it for the better. Using every sort of medium, method, industry, technique…the thing that they all have in common is that they are not afraid to fail.

Failure is a weird concept nowadays. For many people, it is still something to be ashamed of. In the entrepreneurial world, it seems to have become a sort of “battle scar” that people show with no hesitation (kinda like that grandfather of yours who was in the war and who won’t stop showing you the spot where shrapnel got stuck into his behind and you keep telling him to stop…but he doesn’t…) and with pride.

For me (and hopefully others), failure is something that is part of our daily life and is something to be learned from. It is not to hide, but to be used as a lesson for yourself and for others when you go and try again. It is not a battle scar, but a reminder. It is not a shameful secret that makes one blush, but something that can bring inspiration, knowledge, and determination to yourself and others.

The people that you will read about and listen about here, are people that are out there doing things on the limits of the human condition. Where the possibility of failure is great, but they are out there doing it because they love it. They love what they are doing, it makes them happy and inspired, and they aren’t afraid to fall down, get back up again, and keep going.

What I hope you will get from the website and its accompanying mediums are insight and inspiration. We need more inspired people in our world today. Those that are willing to try new things, push away the boundaries and strive forwards to do amazing things. Because when these things happen, life becomes better…not just for ourselves, but for those around us as well.

Thanks for checking out the site. I look forward to sharing these stories and people with you.


Adam Yurko (A.Y.)