Episode #8 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Tawanda Mutukwa (Chief Technology Officer, Hurukuro)

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In this episode, we head to Zimbabwe to talk to TAWANDA MUTUKWA, the Chief Technology Officer for HURUKURO, a Harare-based tech firm that is working to use technology (specifically mobile technology) to revitalize and support the agricultural industry of Zimbabwe, and other southern Africa countries.

Zimbabwe was once known as the breadbasket of southern Africa, with some of the highest agricultural outputs in the region, but political measures created a situation where agricultural yields and output dropped dramatically due to lack of support and resources, both knowledge and in-person. Hurukuro is aiming to change this through the usage of mobile technology (did you know that Zimbabwe has mobile phone penetration of over 92%?) to provide rural farmers with all the information and support that is needed to properly conduct and farm their land. Everything from knowledge support, logistical support, financial payment platforms, and other essential products to give farmers the tools they need to farm higher yields, be able to ship and sell, and then start over again sustainably.

We talked about his journey into becoming an entrepreneur; how the lack of innovation drove him out of the private sector, and we talked extensively about entrepreneurship in Africa. Not just about the challenges and obstacles that African Entrepreneurs face, but that media and platforms need to focus on the development, triumphs, and look at life from the African perspective to really understand the region.

To find out more about Hurukuro, you can visit the following links:
http://hurukuro.com (Official Site, English)
https://www.facebook.com/HurukuroC (Facebook, English)
https://twitter.com/HurukuroC (Twitter, English)


NOTE: There are some audio issues near the beginning of the podcast. We tried to remove them as best as we could, they were due to internet connection issues during the recording of the episode. 


Episode #5 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Liza Mamaliga (Dulce Plai)

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In this episode, we head to Moldova to talk to LIZA MAMALIGA, the founder of DULCE PLAI, an environmentally sustainable honey company, that is both creating tasty honey products while working to improve the environment for future generations.

We talked about the proper way to pronounce “Chișinău”, how she became interested in bees and beekeeping, a few stories and experiences from her development and growth of Dulce Plai, and how there is always something that can be learned from your failures.

To learn more about Dulce Plai, you can visit the following links:

http://dulceplai.com/home/ (Official Website, English/Romanian)

https://www.facebook.com/dulceplai/ (Facebook Page, English/Romanian)

Episode #3 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Wilson Masaka (Wilsen Initiative)

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In our third episode, we talked with WILSON MASAKA of the WILSEN INITIATIVE (based out of Nairobi, Kenya) who is working to inspire and develop the next generation of young changemakers and leaders through a number of different mediums, including but not limited to Web Design (ICT), Sport, and Art.

We talked about how your life story can directly influence your perspectives and decision making process as an Entrepreneur, the love of creating positive change, the power of sport and the strong (and underused) relationship between sport and entrepreneurship, and how it is healthy to celebrate failure rather than pushing it away.

To find out more about Wilson Masaka and the Wilsen Inititative, you can visit the following links:
wilsenx.blogspot.ca (Wilson’s personal Blog)
www.youtube.com/wilsenx (Wilson’s YouTube Page)
www.wilsen-initiative.org (Wilsen Initiative, Official Website)
wilseninitiative.wordpress.com (Wilsen Initiative, Blog)
www.facebook.com/Wilsenx/ (Wilsen Initiative, Facebook)
twitter.com/wilsenx (Wilsen Initiative, Twitter)

Episode #2 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Ryan Gersava (GO2 Virtualahan)

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For our second episode of the No Fear of Falling Podcast, we traveled (hypothetically) to the Philippines to talk to RYAN GERSAVA, the founder of GO2 VIRTUALAHAN, a social enterprise that is training and employing men and women from varying kinds of disadvantaged situations to become virtual professionals for corporations around the world.

We talked about his journey to get where he is now, including making the decision to work on his passion rather than what others felt was the safe choice. We also talk outsourcing, the continued growth of the virtual professional industry, and we talk about his methods for dealing with failure, some of which involve actually (literally) not having a “fear of falling”.

To find out more about Virtualahan, you can check them out at the following links:
virtualahan.com (Official Site, GO2 Virtualahan)
www.facebook.com/virtualahan/ (Facebook Page, GO2 Virtualahan)