Episode #16 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Juan Pablo Lopez (Sprint Kayak Athlete, Puerto Rico)

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In this episode, we head to Puerto Rico to talk to JUAN PABLO LOPEZ, a Sprint Kayak Athlete who is currently raising funds for training and competition fees using MAKEACHAMP;  and is aiming to become Puerto Rico’s first ever Sprint Kayak Olympian at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

He fell in love with the sport quite late in life, deciding to put on hold a college scholarship to play soccer to push himself and see where he could end up. So far, it has led him to becoming the National Record Holder in all competitive distances, to training in Poland with one of the country’s strongest canoe clubs, and has instilled in him a iron will and determination which seems to be very difficult to break.

This determination and will have been tested though, especially in regards to the measures he has taken to continue training and competing with limited funding. But throughout these difficulties, he comes across as someone who knows that he can push through anything through working hard and pushing himself.

We talked about his journey to get where he is now, living and training in an entirely different culture, his love for Poland (he’s the unofficial ambassador to Poland for Puerto Rico :)), and how there is no substitute for working hard when dealing with failure and its after effects.

You can follow Juan, keep track of his news and results, and donate to his crowdfunding campaign on MAKEACHAMP using the following links:

https://www.facebook.com/Juan-Pablo-Lopez-473381949379171/ (Facebook Athlete Page)

https://makeachamp.com/juanpablo (MAKEACHAMP Page)

https://www.instagram.com/juan.pablo20/ (Instagram Profile)



Episode #15 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Dominik Dresel (Lehrermarktplatz.de)

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In this episode, we head to Germany to talk to DOMINIK DRESEL, a 2016 member of the Young Founders Conference with the Westerwelle Foundation; and the co-founder of LEHRERMARKTPLATZ.DE, an online marketplace specifically for teachers and educators, where they can submit and purchase lesson plans and educational materials. This in turn is creating a community of teachers throughout Germany who can be connected, work together, and in turn develop their abilities and skills to continue reaching out and giving opportunities to students all over the country.

The desire to teach and help people within the educational system is something that Dominik always wanted to do, but instead of going directly into the system as a teacher, he went around from the outside, discovering that he could use his knowledge gained from studying business to create a venture that could reach out to teachers in ways that projects and companies he was with in the past could not. This desire was one of the foundations that created Lehrermarktplatz.de, and indirectly it also created something that can become a strong connecting force for teachers and those working within the educational system, which can be at times an isolating experience; which in turn reminds teachers that they are not alone and that there is always someone there that can help and who can give them new ideas, inspiration, and perspective.

We talked about his journey in the creation of Lehrermarktplatz, about his thoughts about the German educational system, his goals and dreams for what he is doing, and about how even though the odds and statistics may say one thing, and that even though failure sometimes is an ever-present possibility in what you are doing, that no matter what happens, the lessons and knowledge you gain from the entire experience will strengthen you, help you grow, and make you that much better in the long run.

To find out more about Dominik and Lehrermarktplatz.de, you can visit the following links:
https://lehrermarktplatz.de (Official Website, German)
https://www.facebook.com/lehrermarktplatz (Facebook)
dominik@lehrermarktplatz.de (Email Address for Dominik)


Episode #13 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Sara Mihalik (Hungarian Sprint Kayak Athlete)

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In this episode, we head to Hungary to speak to SARA MIHALIK, a sprint kayak racer for the U23 National Team squad for the kayaking powerhouse of Hungary. She is a strong up-and-comer within her country, aiming for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and currently has a crowdfunding campaign going on over at MAKEACHAMP to raise funds for training, travel and a new racing boat.

She is a multiple national champion in Hungary, and has enjoyed success on the international stage as well, with podium results at the 2012 Olympic Hopes competition, the 2016 U23 Marathon World Championships, and the 2016 Senior Marathon World Championships. She has been able to do this while juggling a university studies workload at Szent Istvan University (Agricultural Engineering) which any studying athlete will tell you is not an easy feat.

We talked about her journey to get where she is now, hypothesized about the reasons for Hungary’s dominance in sports that involve water, how the words and actions of her coach have inspired her to push harder, and how your failures give you an opportunity to understand yourself in a purer form than any situation could.

You can learn more about Sara, and contribute to her MAKEACHAMP campaign by checking out the following links:

https://makeachamp.com/mihaliksara/27312 (MAKEACHAMP Campaign Page)

https://www.facebook.com/sara.mihalik.7 (Facebook)

https://www.instagram.com/saci0413/ (Instagram)


Episode #12 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Marcus Munday (American Taekwondo Athlete)

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In this episode, we head to the eastern United States to talk to MARCUS MUNDAY, a highly decorated Taekwondo Athlete with big aspirations, and the drive and determination to achieve them. He currently has a crowdfunding campaign going on MAKEACHAMP where he is raising funds for his competition and training expenses.

He is a 10 Time US National Champion, who is working towards securing a spot on the American National Team, and aiming towards the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. He just recently competed at the 2017 US Open of Taekwondo in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it took a match against the #1 Rank in his weight class to stop his progression in the tournament.

We talked about his journey to get where he is now, the positive physical and mental benefits of martial arts training, and how looking forwards towards your goal can give you a platform to understand and implement your failures and keep you motivated and determined to do your best.

You can learn more about Marcus and contribute to his crowdfunding campaigns here:

Website: http://www.marcusmundaytkd.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MMundaytkd

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marcus_mundaytkd/

MAKEACHAMP: https://makeachamp.com/marcusmunday/27326

Episode #11 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Rhegan Williamson (Canadian Freeride Skiing Athlete)

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In this special (and early) episode of the No Fear of Falling Podcast, we talk with RHEGAN WILLIAMSON a Canadian Freeskiing athlete based out of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. At the time of posting, she is in the process of competing in the Freeride Junior World Championships in Grandvalira, Andorra.

We talked about the sport of Freeskiing and its development and growth, about dealing with fear, and about how you always need to remember to enjoy yourself when you are doing things, which is something that we all struggle with remembering on a daily basis.

We wish Rhegan good luck for her performance at the Junior World Championships. We will post information concerning her results and video on our Facebook Page.

You can follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rhegan.williamson

NOTE: At time of posting, it was announced that Rhegan placed 3rd. Congratulations Rhegan!!!

Episode #10 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Jeb Brovsky (American Professional Soccer Player)

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In this episode (our 10th episode, yay!) we head to the United States to talk with JEB BROVSKY a professional soccer player who has played for the Vancouver Whitecaps, Montreal Impact, New York City FC, a stint in Norway with Strømsgodset, and most recently with Minnesota United FC.

We talked about his journey to get where he is now, developing a competitive instinct (but developing it for the right reasons), but we also talked a lot about the power that athletes have to create positive change in the world. Through his organization, PEACE PANDEMIC, he has already done great work in working to inspire change in India and Guatemala. We talked a lot about the need for understanding in our world, how athletes can be those changemakers, and how authenticity is the key to success, along with truly caring and believing in what you are doing.

You can follow Jeb and Peace Pandemic in the following ways:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JebBrovsky (he is an awesome with the tweets)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeacePandemic/

Episode #9 – No Fear of Falling Podcast – Audrey Tangonan (Sinaya Cup)

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In this episode, we head back to the Philippines to talk to AUDREY TANGONAN, the founder of SINAYA CUP, a Filipino brand of environmentally sustainable menstrual cups that is working to promote an active lifestyle for women, while working to encourage communication about the taboo topic of female reproductive health.

Her inspiration came to her while working on the Sustainable Cup Project in NYC during her time with The DO School, and it has blossomed from there; with her usage of the Lean Startup Method in its growth and development gaining praise and exposure from both businesses and from media in the Philippines, culminating in pieces being written about her in Cosmopolitan Philippines, Entrepreneur Philippines, and other publications.

We talked about her journey to get to where she is now, about how you need to accept and epitomize your issue when dealing with taboo topics, the use of the word “vagina” in business pitches, and the power of Facebook in the development of her brand, which created greater opportunities and reach than a full-blown e-commerce website (which she has now, but she still prefers the person-to-person reach that FB gives her).

To find out more about Sinaya Cup, you can visit the following site:

https://www.facebook.com/sinayacup/ (Facebook, English)

http://www.sinayacup.com (Official Website, English)

https://www.instagram.com/sinayacup/ (Instagram, English)